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When it comes to trading Binary Options, we are the experts. Here at 101Options, we offer reviews on the top binary options brokers so that you can decide what site is more suited to you. We have the experience, and have been educating our traders across the world for many years, and have fully trained professionals on hand, who have years of experience in the financial industry, to help you, and write informative articles.
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What is binary trading? Our guides explain everything you need to know – from ‘How to find the right broker’, to ‘What is Technical Analysis’. The answers are here.


Review and compare the best binary options brokers online, and ensure the interactive broker service you use suits your investment needs.

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We will be adding Scam reports to all of our Binary Options broker reviews.


Foreign Exchange is the largest asset class in the world, with billions traded daily. We explain Forex and highlight which brokers are best for currency trading.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are a potential starting point for new traders. These accounts are an ideal way to give you the opportunity to explore online trading and get to grips with different trading platforms. This will allow you to find the ideal platform or broker for you.

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We have found the best low deposit brokers to help you make a start in the Binary Option world which can suit your investment needs without breaking the bank.

Everything you could want to know about Binary Option Trading.

Our information to guide you through the process..

So, What Is Binary Trading?

Binary Options is placing binary trades. As a trader, you can either invest in the prices going up, or going down.

Trading is normally viewed in the longer term, with the payout level becoming more important. The payouts can vary from around 65* percent to 95* percent, with more elaborate options going even higher; however, you will find that these vary from broker to broker.

*amount to be credited if a successful trade is completed.

You may also find that the payouts will chance depending on the individual asset and the expiry time of that asset. However this is a high risk and you can lose money in a short period of time.

What might seem like unnecessary work will, in the long run, make a huge difference.

How To Place A Binary Trade

Binary options are normally traded online by a range of brokers. These brokers will all provide their binary traded via websites, or apps on mobile devices. Some will offer ‘over the counter’ binaries, whilst others will offer an exchange, but you will find that all will follow the same process to open the trade.

It is likely that the trading platforms will vary slightly, but the majority of them will share common features. Look out for demo accounts, that many different brokers will offer, which will enable new clients to try their trading platform before investing any money.

The following steps though will apply at every broker that you go to.

  1. Identify the underlying asset that you wish to trade. These can be for example, the price of gold, the Facebook share price, or the GBP/USD exchange rate.
  2. Set the expiry time, which is when the option will end, and decide on the size of the trade or the investment.
  3. Finally, decide if the value will rise or fall, otherwise known as Call or Put.

The attraction of binary options is the small amount of complexity surrounding them, and the ease of managing the risk; however, as you get more experienced as a trader, you can add more layers of complexity.

Binary options are a high risk form of investment, with a number of trading patterns and trading styles, from technical analysis to essential research.  This does not guarantee results, this is high risk trading.

Are Binary Options Safe?

Binary options have had a poor reputation in the past, but this should not put people off trading in binary options, as is generally because of dishonest and irresponsible marketing as opposed to the binary option itself. That said, this type of trading will not suit everyone as it is very high risk/high reward.

A better understanding of binary options is needed by the wider public to break this bad reputation that they have gained, and move it into the financial mainstream, which is where they were developed originally.

Advantages Of Binaries

There are many benefits of using this form of investment for both the retail investor and also to the market makers or brokers.


Risk management is actually very straightforward when trading binaries. The amount that you chose to trade, is the amount that you risk losing. This immediately lowers the risk for both the trader and the broker, making it fundamentally different to most other forms of investment.

The trade size, and payout are both known before the option is even open, which differs from other investments, where neither figure is known. Nothing presents a risk and reward as clearly as the fixed payout option does.


With the certainty of risk and reward, it provides a solid foundation for brokers to operate, and manage their position overall. They can protect themselves even further by creating processes, such as using a liquidity provider, or by hedging their own positions.

The accurate levels of risk, makes the expensive cost of clearing houses completely unnecessary. However, this low barrier to entry can be a double-edged sword, and it means that brokers have been able to set up and operate with little or no regulatory oversite, attracting dubious operators.


The standard fixed payout option has many different layers, that allow it to be used in a range of ways. Binaries can be used in a huge variety of ways, from ladder options, to boundary trades, or more advanced ‘nesting’ of options.

If a trader wishes to take a position on an underlying asset, binary trades offer the greatest level of flexibility, even providing a mechanism to speculate on a market that is remaining flat, or to take a view of the underlying asset.

Some benefits have been lost in the debate, or simply been misinformed. These factors should not taint the vehicle itself, which actually remains a sound, high risk / high return financial product.

History of Binary Options

Binary options have existed for many years. However, they were only initially available to large scale investors, with options being provided ‘over the counter’.

In 2008, the US Securities and Exchange Commission allowed the fixed return options to be traded over an exchange, allowing the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the American Stock Exchange to offer binary trading on certain underlying assets. Although initially, the range of assets was limited, Nadax began offering exchange traded options in the US, as the markets developed.

New Traders Guide

Binary Option trading is the trading includes the both the trading of binary and digital options. The options pay a fixed return if they are successful – a term referred to in the business as ‘in the money’, and will lose full investment if the binary trade loses. This is high risk and you can lose money very quickly.

There are very few asset classes that cannot be traded via binaries, and the most popular to pick from include, the foreign exchange (referred to as Forex), commodities like oil and gold prices, stocks and indices, just to name a few. Binary trading simply refers to the act of buying or selling these different options.

Binary options are the best way for a trader to speculate on an asset price. If correct, they will payout a fixed return, but if not, all investment will be lost. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as a fixed payout financial option. However, it is the all or nothing structure of them that gives them a ‘binary’ name.

Binaries are often traded over a variety of expiry times either ‘over-the-counter’ or on an exchange. The time frames can range from very short periods, which can be as low as 30 seconds, all the way up to very long periods which can be up to a year. Although they are a very popular trading option, they are a high risk, high return investment vehicle, and because of this, may not suit everyone.

Call And Put Options

Call and Put options are the terms that are given to buying or selling an option. Call options are used when a trader believes that an asset will go up in value, and a Put option is used when they expect the value of an asset to fall.

Binary options trading brokers may change their trade buttons every couple of seconds, from Call and Put, to Down and Up to help avoid any confusion. Others may keep the terms Call and Put for the duration. Most trading platforms will make it very clear which direction the trader is opening the option in.

Legitimate Investment

Binary option traders can invest in prices either going up or going down, or staying within a certain range or reaching a present value. These variations, all represent examples of binary option trading.

Trading normally refers to the longer term, which is when the payout level becomes much more important. The payouts can vary from 65-95 percent, with some elaborate options going even higher. It is important to check though, as the payouts can vary from broker to broker.

The expiry time of an option can also have a big effect on the payout of the asset. The differences in money can be significant, so if traders are looking at using binary options in the long term, it is important that they shop around to find the best payout for the asset class or classes that they intend to trade. Although it can seem like an unnecessary step, it is important, and will make a huge difference to the trader in the long run. All binary options are high risk.

How To Compare The Best Trading Platforms

There are a number of key points to take into consideration when comparing brokers and trading platforms. The key comparisons points are:

  • Payouts
  • Over the counter or exchange traded options
  • Minimum deposit
  • Minimum trade / Maximum trade
  • Trading platform
  • Asset Lists
  • Expiry times available
  • Regulation
  • Range of options available
  • Bonus details ( Now banned for most regulated companies)
  • Complaints / Customer feedback
  • Tutorials and Educational Materials

Some traders might consider certain points to be more important than others, and is a completely individual choice for each trader. If you wish to try a new platform without any financial risks, demo accounts are an excellent way of doing this.

How to Avoid Scams

Despite the bad reputation that they often get, binaries are not a scam. It is important to be aware of them though, as there are brokers and signal providers who are untrustworthy and may operate scams.

Don’t be quick to write off the concept of binary trading though, based on a few dishonest brokers. It is those few people who are bringing down the image of this form of trading, and stopping people from investing in binary options. Although regulators are slowly starting to get to grips with these operations, and the industry is slowly being cleaned, you can, in the meantime educate yourself better, and help yourself to avoid scams.

You can use these simple checks to help you avoid scams:

  • ‘Make money online’ or ‘Get rich quick’ marketing.
    • Do not be fooled by these claims to make money quickly. It really should be a huge red flag. This is because digital options are a high risk/high reward investment vehicle, and are not a get rich quick scheme. Operators who make these claims are being dishonest and should be avoided.
  • Cold Calls.
    • If they are a reputable broker, it is unlikely that they will make cold calls, as they simply do not need to. So, if you are being hassled by cold calls, the chances are they will be from an untrustworthy broker, so tread extremely carefully should you choose to proceed with a company who contacted you in this way.
  • Account Managers.
    • Traders should be really wary of account managers who wish to trade on behalf of clients, due to the obvious conflict of interest. This is because the managers will generally encourage traders to trade with figures that are way beyond their means. This process of ‘upselling’ should be avoided and traders should be extremely reluctant to let anyone trade on their behalf.
  • A trader must know their broker.
    • Although this one seems fairly obvious, it might surprise you with how many operators will force clients towards a broker of their choosing. Simply do not proceed if marketing demands a new client to sign up with a particular broker, or they tell you to pick a broker from a limited list. As a trader, you should know the broker that you are going to trade with.

Being aware of the above will help those who are new to binary trading avoid untrustworthy and less responsible brands.

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