March 23, 2017

How To Place A Binary Trade

Binary options are normally traded online by a range of brokers. These brokers will all provide their binary traded via websites, or apps on mobile devices. Some will offer ‘over the counter’ binaries, whilst others will offer an exchange, but you will find that all will follow the same process to open the trade.

It is likely that the trading platforms will vary slightly, but the majority of them will share common features. Look out for demo accounts, that many different brokers will offer, which will enable new clients to try their trading platform before investing any money.

The following steps though will apply at every broker that you go to.

  1. Identify the underlying asset that you wish to trade. These can be for example, the price of gold, the Facebook share price, or the GBP/USD exchange rate.
  2. Set the expiry time, which is when the option will end, and decide on the size of the trade or the investment.
  3. Finally, decide if the value will rise or fall, otherwise known as Call or Put.

The attraction of binary options is the simplicity of them, and the ease of managing the risk; however, as you get more experienced as a trader, you can add more layers of complexity.

Binary options are a unique form of investment, with a number of strategies and trading styles, from technical analysis to essential research. In order to be successful in binary trading, the key really is to trader education, which is why we provide easy to follow guides and up to date news, which are designed to allow our traders to constantly improve their results.