Nadex is a US exchange which is regulated by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). They provide a cutting-edge trading environment and advanced features to deliver a high quality trading experience. The disclosed exchange fee shows the transparent nature Nadex take to providing their experience.

Key information

  • Demo Account: Yes
  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • Minimum trade $1
  • Mobile App: Yes, Android and iOS.

Trading Platform

Nadex offer a Genuine exchange, this means that traders can buy or sell on either side of the market as well as setting their own price. The first choice for traders to make is to select an asset that they wish to trade. To find an asset the user can use the Finder window on the left side of the trading platform, once done, they can then select the expiry time of the asset.

Now the trader has selected an asset and expiry, the ‘markets’ window will update, this is what shows the potential price levels that can be traded. Clicking on the asset in the market list, or either the ‘Bid’ or ‘Offer’ figures – will open a trading ticket. Clicking bid or offer will mean the ticket opens with the ‘sell’ or ‘buy’ option pre-selected.

The trading ticket will confirm the expiry time, price level, bid size and current bid and offer prices, traders will select the sell or buy buttons and then enter the size. There are figures along the bottom of the ticket that will confirm the maximum loss and maximum payout based on the size of the trade entered.

Each Option can be freely traded and traders can close their trades at any time, so profits can be taken and losses reduced.

Once the trade is configured as desired, traders can click the ‘Place Order’ button. If the trade is matched, it will appear in the open positions window. If some or all of the trades are unmatched then they will move to the Working orders screen. Both windows will update as the order is matched. In addition to the this, it will also send an email confirming details of the trade.



  • Demo account available
  • Minimum trade is $1
  • 10 free trading days based on the deposit
  • Mobile App Available for Android and iOS
  • 100% payout


  • Minimum Deposit is $250
  • No Signals Service